Eset’s antivirus software for Linux and Mac has been found to have a high-risk vulnerability, allowing attackers to escalate their privileges. Remedial updates have been released to address these vulnerabilities. The antivirus protection for Linux and macOS systems offered by Eset has a critical vulnerability, enabling attackers to elevate their privileges within the system. Updated software is now available to rectify these issues.




  • CVE-2023-2847 (CVSS 7.8, Risk: High)

Information & Updates

  • Eset Server Security for Linux, 9.0.466.0, 8.1.823.0,
  • Eset Endpoint Antivirus for Linux,,,
  • Eset Cyber Security 7.3.3700.0
  • Eset Endpoint Antivirus for macOS 7.3.3600.0

and newer versions in each case.

Eset writes in a security advisory about this that users with lower privileges can trigger actions with root privileges on a machine running a vulnerable Eset product. This local privilege escalation was discovered during internal security investigations (CVE-2023-2847, CVSS 7.8, risk “high”).

Eset does not mention whether an automatic update mechanism could and would also update the faulty program files. Therefore, administrators should check the current status of the locally deployed solutions.


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